Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to become rich and very rich?

Befriend US government. Read this passage carefully:

The long-term goal is for SAP to be seen as a provider of insight – cheap and fast, in near real time. Of course, that seems like the goal of every old-line hardware and software giant who is trying to move to the world of cloud computing. McDermott has his own proof points, including a job the company did for Recovery.gov that enables citizens to quickly identify which portions of U.S. geography received what portion of $800 billion in economic stimulus spending. “Traditional vendors said ‘We can do it in a couple of years, for a couple hundred million dollars,” McDermott says. “We did it for single-digit millions.”

That is it. "Single digit millions" for web-site back-end which can be built by a group of oDesk developers for couple months and with budget << 50K.  

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