Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update on Koda

  1. Fixed one issue with native memory allocator  used internally by Koda which greatly affected multithreaded update performance. The preliminary test numbers are ~ 4M queries per sec with 90/10 read/write ratio (which is up 15%). I think for 50/50 ratio performance gain must be much larger.
  2. Implemented persistence layer support (which is based on a very promising leveldb library). The support is not integrated yet (will be working on this later on next week)
  3. Currently working on compression support (snappy and gzip) for Koda.
My plans for early autumn 2011: Koda will be released as a part of a new open source distributed Key-Value data store. Wait for announcements.  We will be in the same league with Cassandra and HBase

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to become rich and very rich?

Befriend US government. Read this passage carefully:

The long-term goal is for SAP to be seen as a provider of insight – cheap and fast, in near real time. Of course, that seems like the goal of every old-line hardware and software giant who is trying to move to the world of cloud computing. McDermott has his own proof points, including a job the company did for that enables citizens to quickly identify which portions of U.S. geography received what portion of $800 billion in economic stimulus spending. “Traditional vendors said ‘We can do it in a couple of years, for a couple hundred million dollars,” McDermott says. “We did it for single-digit millions.”

That is it. "Single digit millions" for web-site back-end which can be built by a group of oDesk developers for couple months and with budget << 50K.