Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Koda: disposable means reusable

This is one feature I forgot to mention in my previous post. Koda supports disposable caches. What is disposable cache? OK, imagine that you need to create cache in memory to keep several millions (or billions if you have enough RAM :) entries, process entries and then discard (dispose) them. Imagine if you need to do this many times per second (in other words - very often). Releasing cache entries explicitly means a huge impact on native memory allocator and take some time (its probably several millions de-allocations per second). Instead of deallocating (releasing) cache entries explicitly Koda put them into so called reuse pool and they can be re-used (realloc'ed ) later on for new cache entries.  This allows to dispose (re-use) caches almost instantly. Nice feature by the way and it has some very interesting applications.

PS I love Google. I do not promote my blog at all but if you try search "infinispan benchmark" you will get my blog on the first page in a blog category. 
PPS The same is true for "Terracotta BigMemory benchmark" search. First page in a Blog category. 

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