Thursday, May 29, 2014

BigBase news

BigBase (optimized fork of NoSQL data store HBase ) is in final testing right now. L3 (SSD - based) cache performance is very good, latency distribution is exceptional, far better than anything on the market (may be except Aerospike). On standard YCSB benchmark with all data in L3 cache, I expect performance on par with Aerospike, better than MapR M7 and way better than Cassandra, MongoDB etc.  A couple spoilers:

L3 block cache access latencies:

99%      - 1.7ms
99.9%   - 4.8ms
99.99% - 17ms

Raw performance 12K ops for 8KB blocks, 6K ops for 16KB blocks, with compression, 16KB and 32KB decompressed. This is on AWS m3.2xlarge with 2/80GB of local SSD storage. Add in memory cache block and overall performance is going to be in 10s of thousands ops per node. MC Shrivas will get his personal copy of benchmark report for comparison. No, M7 is not the engineering marvel. 

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